Architects Colloquium

The Architects Colloquium is an annual gathering of Architects in various vocations for the purpose of brainstorming on issues that have direct bearing on the challenges facing the profession and the built environment; profer solutions and implementation strategies with careful monitoring and evaluation of output, outcome and impact on the profession, the general public and the nation at large.

Established in 2007, the Architects Colloquium has each year debated on prime architectural issues, with many Architects and other stakeholders presenting papers. The Architects Colloquium apart from presentation of papers, also involves Group Discussions, Q & A sessions, Courses and Exhibitions.

The aim is to educate, inspire, lead the society and encourage professional excellence always.

The objectives of the Arquitects Colloquium are to annually:

  1. Engender a vibrant, more efficient and sustainable architectural profession with best practice in our ever dynamic building industry.
  2. Consider issues that aid the improvement of professional services by Architects.
  3. Provide an avenue to relate with other professionals, statutory bodies and stakeholders.
  4. Evaluate the Architects'performance using established benchmarks on an annual basis.
  5. Address other national issues within the purview of the profession.
  6. Make regular and appropriate recommendations to the three tiers of government and other stakeholders.